Assessing Land & Resources from a Unique Perspective

We help our clients capitalize on land and resource assets through our layered investment strategy approach.
Unique Places is the best strategic partner our community could have ever hoped to find." - Virginia Smith
Los Lunas, NM

What We Do

Unique Places helps steward and monetize land and natural resource assets through layered investment strategies, sustainable land management, and holistic planning practices.

Our Process

Our Unique Approach

We work strategically with landowners to develop a cohesive vision and strategy for their land and resources.
  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Enhance
  • Monetize
  • Manage
  • Acquire


Cedar-KnobwebUltimately, no property is the same, and our approach reflects our appreciation for each property’s inherent uniqueness. Regardless of project scale, we begin our process working with our clients to develop a deeper understanding of what values can be found, and currently exists, by evaluating the distinctive features of the land and resources. Our team strives to understand property in its economic, cultural, and historical context, as well as its natural heritage attributes. Our expert analysis includes a wide variety of considerations:

  • Entitlement Review
  • Development Potential
  • Solar Assessment
  • Wetland or Stream Mitigation Assessment
  • Agricultural Productivity and Value
  • Conservation Value
  • Forest Health and Timber Value
  • Recreation and Tourism Assessment
  • Carbon Credit Potential

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Watauga-Farm---3webThe goal of strategic land and resource planning is to create an environment where land values and land health both appreciate in the long term. The Unique Places team works collaboratively with landowners from the beginning and aims to create strategic plans that prioritize the needs of the landowner. Using innovative strategies, we are able to provide viable solutions that help the land and the bottom line.

Asset and income diversification is key to maintaining a sustainable business operation. As part of the planning process, our team can identify opportunities to monetize ecosystem services on properties, from carbon credits to wetland mitigation; from conservation easements to solar technologies, our talented team is ready to help.

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Large-Yellow-Lady's-SlipperwebThe goal of enhancing property can range from aesthetically improving the land by opening up view sheds or creating value through entitlement improvements; to ecologically restoring land to increase the value of its vital resources. Often, aesthetic, economic and ecological improvements are complimentary activities.

Regardless of the formal goal, the benefits of property enhancement are numerous. Not only can the aspects of the property be enjoyed to the fullest, but enhancement strategies can also assist with increasing property values and the potential for sustainable revenue.

There are many methods to enhance your property and our team of experts will guide you through the process.

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Creek_webMonetizing land implies enhancing, converting or selling natural resources, or the land itself, to generate revenue for the owners. Unique Places’ approach is to focus on monetizing land and resource assets, while achieving our client’s fiscal and land legacy goals.  This is what sets us apart. We provide our clients with many opportunities and pull from traditional land management options including timber harvest, agricultural production, and entitlements.

We also harness nontraditional revenue sources including ecosystem assets, mitigation banking, conservation easement funding, conservation buyers and tax benefits.  At Unique Places, we feel it is most important to inform our clients about the possibilities and the options available. We present our clients with what “could” be done instead of what “should” be done, with a business-focused, cost-benefit approach. 

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Cypress-Creek---KneeswebLand and resource stewardship is an ongoing process that results in thorough assessment and planning. Unique Places assists landowners with creating plans that serve as guides to the best land management practices. Our team seeks to incorporate activities that improve overall land and resource health while providing revenue to the landowner.

Our team manages over 40,000 acres of land and resources and can provide our expertise to help manage and improve your land and resources.

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Whitehurst-ForestwebThe Unique Places team includes real estate acquisition expertise. Whether it is title research, negotiating purchase agreements, researching zoning laws or completing opinions of value, we have a team of experts ready to assist with due diligence matters.

Our land acquisition specialists are able to conduct searches that go beyond conventional real estate listings. Interested in finding ideal hunting lands with a potential for solar? Looking for land with a high conservation value for the ideal investment? Want to purchase land that can be transformed into a revenue source? Unique Places can match the criteria to fulfill a vision.

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