Adaptive Management Training Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Posted on June 26, 2014 by UPLLC

PassionflowerChris Wilson, Director of Conservation Science, recently attended an Adaptive Management Training at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, VA. The Box Creek Wilderness was used as a case study conservation for this professional training course. The course trains students to utilize the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, the new international standard for planning and monitoring biodiversity conservation projects. Chris presented the results of Unique Places’ extensive ecological survey and land management activities to the course participants and provided on the ground knowledge of the project throughout the training. The group on international students then used the Open Standards to systematically determine biological conservation targets, prioritize threats to these targets, draft and prioritize strategies to minimize the threats, and determine indicators to measure success throughout the project’s implementation.

Chris frequently uses the Open Standards when approaching conservation land management projects through his work at Unique Places. The lessons from the Smithsonian training will provide valuable guidance for prioritizing future land management actions at Box Creek and result in improved outcomes for its unique species and natural communities.

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