Autumn Olive Eradication A Glimpse into Unique Places Treating Autumn Olive Posted on July 22, 2015 by UPLLC

Autumn olive was first introduced in the United States from Asia as a way to provide wildlife habitat and erosion control in disturbed areas. Due to its effectiveness and ability to reproduce, it quickly spread in the Eastern and Midwestern states. Autumn olive leafs out early and retains its leaves throughout fall so it hinders sun-loving native species from growing by creating a dense shade. To make matters even more difficult, it reproduces quickly, with little effort, and birds are attracted to the seeds making its dispersion even more widespread.

The following photographs illustrate the progression of Unique Places staff successfully treating Autumn olive. If you or anyone you know has issues with invasive species, contact us for advice and help:


autumn-olive-two autumn-olive-one

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