Financial Sustainability, Conservation and Stewardship Strategic Plan for a Family Ranch in Northeast New Mexico Posted on May 5, 2014 by UPLLC

DeHaven_news-pieceUnique Places recently completed a comprehensive strategic plan for DeHaven Ranch, a multi-generational family ranch in northeast New Mexico. In the modern era it is difficult to rely on one income source or a single purpose for a property. As such, property owners are beginning to understand the value of diversification and the need for multiple profit centers.

The Unique Places strategic plan identified multiple profit centers and methods ┬áthat the landowners could use to leverage other resources in meeting their land management and financial goals. Every landowner and property is different and, as with each project, our team took a customized approach providing the landowners with options for their specific needs. Our strategy reflects long-term, sustainable choices that over time improve not only the land, but also the landowner’s bottom line.

Stephanie Brock, co-owner of DeHaven Ranch commented, “The plan provided new information, considerations and ideas for us. Most importantly, however, it provided resources to assist us in taking action!”

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