New Mexico Wetlands Roundtable “Let the Water Do the Work” Posted on April 7, 2015 by UPLLC

The New Mexico Wetlands Roundtable is a semi-annual meeting that encourages partnerships and collaboration for the restoration and protection of wetlands and riparian resources in New Mexico. Unique Places attended the roundtable discussion which focused on the life and work of Bill Zeedyk, a prolific and unquestionably talented wetlands restoration expert in New Mexico. Some topics discussed during the meeting include on the ground improvements, development of new restoration techniques, teaching restoration techniques to others, and new initiatives that promote volunteerism, collaboration and new partnerships. It was a rewarding day learning about the restoration techniques developed and utilized by Bill Zeedyk since New Mexico has such unique wetlands and riparian areas. Bill stressed the importance of “thinking like a creek” to harness the natural, regenerative power of water. Simple, low technology structures such as one rock dams (grade control), zuni bowls (low energy headcut control), and media lunas (dispersed flow encouragement) were described in terms of their success and future applications in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Although it may seem that these ideas are only suitable for large areas, these structures and philosophy are applicable at any scale and there is no wetland or riparian area too small to restore. Unique Places looks forward to new partnerships that foster healthy watersheds and riparian areas throughout the southwest.

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