Combining Vision and Expertise

Unique Places provides comprehensive real estate, stewardship and planning services.

Our Unique Services

We utilize an integrated systems approach to create
comprehensive strategies that sustain over the long term
  • Real Estate Consulting Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Land & Resource Stewardship
  • Geographic Information Systems & Design

Real Estate Consulting Services

Unique Places employs a truly comprehensive approach to maximizing real estate investment returns. Our team discovers hidden opportunities within places and landscapes. Through our UPLIFT program (Unique Places Layered Investment Finance Trajectory), we employ the strategy of “layering” revenue streams from traditional real estate resources (entitlements, subdivision, sales and rental income) with revenue from alternative markets including ecosystem assets, green energy, and conservation.

By exploring and layering a combination of traditional and alternative revenue streams, we create the most comprehensive strategies for diversifying and maximizing return on investment.

In addition to UPLIFT, we also offer traditional real estate brokerage services through our partner company Unique Places Real Estate.

Who to Contact

Jeff-FJeff Fisher


CatherineCatherine Coley
Licensed Real Estate Broker


Environmental Services

Unique Places works with landowners to uncover a host of revenue-generating opportunities through our Environmental Services Division.  We also assess and inventory environmental resources on our clients’ properties and help them navigate the regulatory process to achieve conservation, land management, and development objectives. We offer many technical services including:

  • Stream & Wetland Delineation/Permitting
    • Wetland and Stream Delineation
    • Stream Buffer Assessments
    • Regulatory Confirmation of Wetlands, Streams and Buffers
    • Permitting of Unavoidable Impacts
  • Stream & Wetland Mitigation
    • Mitigation Feasibility Assessment
    • Hydric Soil Assessment
    • Permittee Responsible Mitigation Plan
    • Mitigation Bank Planning, Development & Monitoring
  • Soil Testing Services
    • Seasonal High Water Table Assessment
    • Flood Hazard Soil Assessment
    • On-Site Wastewater (septic system) Soil Evaluation
    • Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement (Ksat)
  • Ecological Inventories
    • Natural Community Assessments
    • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
    • Rare Plant Surveys

Visit our Unique Places Mitigation Website

Who to Contact

Chris Flowers
Director of Mitigation & Environmental Services

Land & Resource Stewardship

Unique Places’ seasoned land management team educates you as we unlock the various opportunities to fulfill your vision for your land and resources.  We provide strategic assessments and expert implementation of proven management practices. The root of every successful resource management plan has a foundation in sustainable financial management.  Our goals are to provide services that are second to none, improve land and resource health, while generating revenue for our clients.

Who to Contact

Chris-F2Chris Flowers
Director of Mitigation & Environmental Services

Geographic Information Systems & Design

Unique Places houses a full-service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Design division called Unique Places GIS & Design (UPGIS).  We work with our clients to develop land and resource plans that meet their financial and land legacy goals.  We offer a comprehensive suite of GIS, planning and design services that go beyond the typical by merging advanced spatial technologies with the power of elegant design. Our highly technical and design savvy team digs deep to uncover the potential in every property.

  • GIS Consulting
    • GIS Analysis
    • Spatial Data Development
    • Database Design
    • Data Integration
    • Staff Augmentation
  • Green Infrastructure Plans
  • Conservation Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Cartography

Who to Contact

MichaelMichael Scisco, GISP
General Manager and Director of GIS & Design


Kate2Kate Lenzer
GIS Specialist