Environmental Services

Unique Places works with landowners to uncover a host of revenue-generating opportunities through our Environmental Services Division.  We also assess and inventory environmental resources on our clients’ properties and help them navigate the regulatory process to achieve conservation, land management, and development objectives. We offer many technical services including:

  • Stream & Wetland Delineation/Permitting
    • Wetland and Stream Delineation
    • Stream Buffer Assessments
    • Regulatory Confirmation of Wetlands, Streams and Buffers
    • Permitting of Unavoidable Impacts
  • Stream & Wetland Mitigation
    • Mitigation Feasibility Assessment
    • Hydric Soil Assessment
    • Permittee Responsible Mitigation Plan
    • Mitigation Bank Planning, Development & Monitoring
  • Soil Testing Services
    • Seasonal High Water Table Assessment
    • Flood Hazard Soil Assessment
    • On-Site Wastewater (septic system) Soil Evaluation
    • Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement (Ksat)
  • Ecological Inventories
    • Natural Community Assessments
    • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
    • Rare Plant Surveys

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Who to Contact

Chris Flowers
Director of Mitigation & Environmental Services