Serving the Community with Open Space The City of Mebane has purchased 54 acres of land from Unique Places. Posted on September 5, 2017 by UPLLC

Unique Places recently sold a 54-acre property north of historic Cates Farm in Alamance County to the City of Mebane. The sale includes a $50,000 donation by Unique Places CEO Jeff Fisher to the non-profit, Unique Places to Save, to work with the city to develop a park or open space area that will benefit residents and visitors alike. The property includes conservation easements held by the NC Department of Transportation and was historically part of the Swathmoor-Cates Family Farm, which was a substantial pickling operation in the early 20th century. Much of the remaining Cates Family farmland has been protected through farmland conservation easements in a partnership between the City of Mebane and Unique Places.

Unique Places became the owner of the 54-acre portion of the Cates Farm in 2014, and during its ownership, stewarded the property by investing hundreds of man hours of invasive plant work and trail building efforts.  Unique Places agreed to sell the property to the city for less than market value in order to support the property becoming a resource for the city and surrounding communities.

“The City of Mebane has been a tremendous partner in working to conserve Cates Farm.  Their efforts started with Town Council Member Bradley taking the initiative to retain Unique Places to help the city come up with a plan for protecting the farm in 2009.  This year, City Manager David Cheek contacted me and said, “The City of Mebane aspires to be a city within a park – our City Council wants the remainder of the Cates Farm to be a park.”  Having worked all around the state, I can say with certainty that the leaders of the City of Mebane, with their commitment to building a vibrant and healthy community, can be credited with a majority of the renaissance and growth in Mebane“ said Unique Places CEO Jeff Fisher.

On the addition of this land to Mebane’s many amenities, David Cheek said, “Part of Mebane’s charm is its parks and network of sidewalks connecting the community. We envision trails, open space, disc golf and a community gathering place for concerts, movies, and events at the new Cates Farm Park and Greenway.”

With conservation easements in place to protect Mill Creek and other creeks that border the property, and the vision for conservation in place, this property holds tremendous potential as a natural, sustainable, open space area for the city and surrounding communities to enjoy for generations to come.

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